Prepare to make a presentation on safety for older pedestrians

Thank you for your interest in presenting Watching Out for Us! Skills for Safe Walking. This presentation, approximately 25 to 30 minutes in length, is designed to review the kinds of traffic situations in which older pedestrians have the greatest risk of injury, as well as to engage audience members in identifying safe walking strategies. To prepare to make the presentation, you may want to:

  1. Select Module 1, scroll to the bottom and download the Presenter's Guide. The Guide includes both specific suggestions to help you prepare and detailed speaker notes for each slide.
  2. Watch the Module 1 video to get a sense of the sequence and flow of the presentation.
  3. Download the presentation for your own use.
  4. Please complete an evaluation and print a participant certificate.

Thank you for your interest in older pedestrian safety.

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Watching Out for Us!

Module 1: Watching Out for Us!

Time: 16 minutes

Find out about traffic situations that increase the chances of an older pedestrian being hit by a vehicle and what a pedestrian can do to better control these situations.


Provide feedback on the training process and content.

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Supplementary Modules

Technical Tips for Presentations

Tips for dealing with technical issues of a presentation.